The Facts You Need About Alimony In Arizona

Facts and legalities can fly so fast, so furiously during a divorce, it's no wonder that many people are confused about certain post-judgment responsibilities, such as financially supporting a former spouse who is also a custodial parent.

The facts you need that can lead to sound decisions — primarily about factors that courts examine in determining the length and amount of spousal maintenance (alimony) — are just a phone call away, when you contact the Law Office of Erica Cahan, P.C., in Tucson.

Attorney Eric Cahan has faithfully, successfully represented a wide range of individuals, couples and families in Southern Arizona for every stage of uncontested and contested divorces. This commitment to his clients is as strong as ever, more than 40 years since he established his law firm. He is knowledgeable on the statutes, responsive to your concerns and dedicated to your success.

Skillfully Presenting Your Side Of The Story

Mr. Cahan is instrumental in presenting your side of the story during discussions of spousal support. He is open to your ideas and your version of events during your marriage. He acts swiftly upon what he learns when negotiating with opposing counsel. In every quality legal service he delivers, throughout the process he has your best interests in mind, and those of your children.

Are you seeking the skilled assistance of a lawyer who will advocate for you when a modification of a divorce settlement agreement is needed? Are you a payer of spousal maintenance whose ability to pay has been impaired by a lost job or lengthy hospitalization? For any collateral issue that must be resolved, Eric Cahan is the family lawyer for you.

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